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I have experience writing in a variety of genres, from technical medical articles, to features and profiles. I am capable at brief copy generation, and enjoy long-form storytelling. Writing plays a crucial role in how we relate to the members of our community—it promotes insight and understanding of the lives of others.

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HPA: Giving Pets a Second Chance


Hospice Pet Advocates started with a single dog facing abandonment, two women, and good intentions. Today it is a certified 501c3 nonprofit. The organization was born out of a hospice nurse and a medical social worker witnessing the need in the hospice community for end-of-life resources for patients’ pets—an element that often gets overlooked.

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Vision for Hope


“One thing I always try to explain to the patient is: you are not a number; you’re not a statistic,” says Nurse Practitioner Lindsay Maghan. She is one of the first people patients meet when they check into Serenity Lane. Maghan greets them when they check into detox, and conducts the history and physical. “What we know about addiction is that the more you put into your recovery, your chances for relapse prevention are even greater.”


Seeing into Another World

Member Profile

When you meet Dr. Bala Ambati, he greets you with a warm, sincere handshake. With all of his accomplishments, he remains humble and soft-spoken. He was born in India, but came to America when he was just three years old. Once in school, Ambati completed two grades a year, graduating high school at age 11, and eventually becoming the world’s youngest person to graduate medical school at age 17.

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Breaking the Cycle


Oregon has the highest rate of youth homelessness out of all the United States, according to a report recently released by the Portland Tribune, and that number is up for the fourth year in a row. Among the Eugene 4J, Bethel, and Springfield School Districts there are 1,848 youths who “lacked a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence” – homeless. This figure accounts for only a fraction of Lane County school districts, and doesn’t include homeless children who are not in school. The need to address youth homelessness right at home is real.

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Supporting a Transgender Patient


The Quinn family could be anybody’s neighbors. James and Angela are working parents, and Taylor is their 11-year-old daughter. They practice their faith alongside their community, and Taylor’s classmates come to her birthday parties. On any given Tuesday night, you would find them at home together. James might be putting dinner together in the kitchen, while Taylor does her homework in the living room. Taylor just also happens to be a transgender child.