I have experience writing in a variety of genres, from news articles based in the medical field, to profiles, and music reviews. I am capable at brief copy generation, and enjoy long-form storytelling. Writing plays a crucial role in how we relate to the members of our community, with the goal of promoting insight and understanding of the lives of others.


Follow Through is the Difference

Member Profile

It’s a quiet Wednesday afternoon, and the typical noises of a private practice have died down—the phones are silent, the paper shredder has been switched off, and the staff has gone home for the day. Dr. Erik Stowell, a tall man of 6’4” with a short haircut and a touch of gray in his goatee, stands in his office, slowly turning a vintage football over in his hands. It is signed by the entire 1975 University of Oregon football team. The ball typically rests on top of the bookshelf in his office; he walks by it every time he goes to sit at his desk.

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A Life Centered in Crafts

Student Profile

It’s the first genuinely sunny Friday of spring term on the University of Oregon campus. The sun is not only bright, but its warmth reaches all the way to the students lazing on the Erb Memorial Union grass lawn. Just past high noon, a few throw a Frisbee around, some nap, but on the far side of the lawn is a growing group of students around three tables pushed together. Freebie Friday has started, and the embroidery workshop hosted by UO student Cassandra Shammel will be open for drop-ins the next two hours.

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Vision for Hope


“One thing I always try to explain to the patient is: you are not a number; you’re not a statistic,” says Nurse Practitioner Lindsay Maghan. She is one of the first people patients meet when they check into Serenity Lane. Maghan greets them when they check into detox, and conducts the history and physical. “What we know about addiction is that the more you put into your recovery, your chances for relapse prevention are even greater.”


Sweatshop & Owl Green: Spring Cleaning II

Album Review

In the months following the release of their debut album, you’d think hip-hop duo Sweatshop & Owl Green would be basking in their success. Instead, their grind hasn’t stopped a beat, and here they are with their sophomore EP just months later. Spring Cleaning II carries forward boom-bap inspired beats from The Whiteboard, with catchy lyrics that are bound to get stuck in your head until their next project drops.


Micro Fiction

100-word Prose 

At some point every parent puts their child down and never picks them back up again.


Emerging From Addiction


“I think labels matter. I think how we describe people is really important,” says Chris Wig, Program Director of the Treatment Court Program at Emergence: Addiction and Behavioral Therapies. “When I talk about people in our program, I don’t refer to them as criminals or drug addicts, because they’re not. These are people who are in recovery, who are turning their lives around, who matter.”


A Man Between Sister Cities


Dr. Diman Lamichhane has lived across the United States, in enough places to know that Eugene, Oregon is the place he wants to call home. For him, it’s a “Goldilocks” town: not too small, not too big, just the right size.


Lens into Another World

Member Profile

When you meet Dr. Bala Ambati, he greets you with a warm, sincere handshake. With all of his accomplishments, he remains humble and soft-spoken. He was born in India, but came to America when he was just three years old. Once in school, Ambati completed two grades a year, graduating high school at age 11, and eventually becoming the world’s youngest person to graduate medical school at age 17.