Special Projects

2018 Midterm Elections

From page building to executing a social media coverage game plan, reporting on the 2018 Midterm Elections was the culmination of my first 90 days as a digital producer at KTVL News 10. It was an intense political season, one that involved adapting national digital coverage templates and tailoring them to create something that would be the most effective at delivering information to our audience, with the resources that the newsroom had.

Entire website sections were created months in advance of the election. On the night of, there was a digital game plan to ensure complete coverage beyond the designated newscasts. Reporters live tweeted from the field and streamed Facebook lives, while a small digital team in the newsroom compiled content into stories and catalogued incoming election results.

In the Weeds: a digital exclusive

In the Weeds is a digitally-exclusive feature section on News 10 that I direct in partnership with a photographer-editor. It’s dedicated to exploring all facets of the cannabis and hemp industry in Oregon. I am allowed the creative freedom to decide on topics I am interested in exploring, and producing with the help of videographer, Felisha Le’Cher. Together we have covered stories that confront stereotypes, unpack and analyze legislation, and highlight new businesses.

The following are a few choice examples from that body of work. Their adjoining articles are hyperlinked in the headline.


Oregon Hemp & the Local Farmer

Emiliano Aloi, Exactus Inc. President, says the Virginia company brought their hemp farming operation to Oregon because of the soils and local farmers. “Oregon is the most unique environment for the hemp plant to grow,” he says. “It has some particular conditions that you just can’t match.”

First Restaurant in Medford to Serve CBD

People question Jason Osborne for putting CBD in coffee. “There’s still the joke [that CBD will get someone high]," he says. "We have to educate to get people to realize that joke is antiquated.”

“There are two types of cannabis and we’re not serving the one that does that to you,” he says. “In fact, we’re serving the one that if you’ve had too much of the other kind, you need to come see me and get leveled out.”

Straying from Stereotypes & the “pot brownie”

When Jen Clear Bell, owner of Rogue Raw in Medford, entered the cannabis industry, she says they wanted to stray away from the stereotypical edibles and make something healthier.

“I felt like for people using it as medicine, there has to be a better option,” Bell says. “I don’t eat sugar and I know I’m not alone in that, and there weren’t many [options] for people with dietary restrictions.”

Starting the Conversation on CBD for Pets

Ashland residents Lauren Kristensen and Michael Swinehart give CBD treats to their dog, Connie, to help with her anxiety around strangers.

Kristensen and Swinehart have given Connie CBD biscuits once a day for over 6 months, and say she has seen a difference in Connie’s behavior. While Connie has “always been friendly and playful with dogs,” Kristensen says her 3-year-old dog is nervous around people.