French Cooking: Straight out of The Brave Little Toaster

Aline has a magic machine. Its name is Vorwerk, and there are very few things it can't do. 

It looks like the kind of thing what would have been a prized possession in the 1950's modern home: it has all the bells and whistles. It's bulky, the white plastic frame has aged into a burnt eggshell color. It has enough buttons to be a calculator, and sounds like shoes in a dryer when it's turned on. 

At first I thought it was a blender with an excessive base it's hooked into. And I'm not wrong, but it's so much more than that. I've seen Aline make steaming heaps of pasta sauce in it. I've also seen fresh peach sorbet come straight out of the very same machine. 

Today I used it myself for the first time to make even more sorbet--the heat got to the nectarines, too. The first thing to do is turn on the behemoth. The very next thing is to tare it. Yes! It comes with a scale! Prop open a recipe book on the counter, and add ingredients one at a time, taring the scale in between, and there I have a mixing bowl exactly full of everything I need. Then blend it up. And not just with one lever either. There are six ways to Sunday to set that thing up.

I only used maybe 1/3 of the settings available. Somewhere in there are knobs to /cook/ your concoctions with. After a few lunches of watching Aline dump tomatoes, garlic, and herbs into it, only to be served steaming tomato sauce straight over fresh pasta, I can't imagine ever going back to sauce in a jar. 

For sorbet, first thing to do is pulse it to break up all of the frozen chunks of fruit. Once there is a nice chunky mess of fruit and sugar, there's one final ingredient to add: egg white. Just one. This recipe couldn't be easier, especially for someone who isn't well-versed on the metric system. After, I make a different setting on the Vorwerk, with the help of Titouan. It blends itself for a minute and thirty seconds. 

Pop the lid open, and in just ten minutes, I have a blender full of perfectly made sorbet. I hesitate to even say that I made it myself. The Vorwerk did everything from the measuring, to the mixing, to the timing.

It's no wonder how everything can be made fresh on a daily basis with a magic machine like the Vorwerk.