About Sheridan Kowta

I am a published writer, and have written articles for clients ranging from the Medical Society to French wine-makers. I write copy, content, and long-form stories for both interactive and traditional media. My passion lies in writing long-form stories, and taking an idea or concept and making it a reality. 

I graduated the University of Oregon with dual degrees in Journalism and International Studies. While there, I explored themes of human rights and law, as well as news and editorial through these disciplines.

I am an inspired collaborator and flexible team-member with the experience to pick up and run with just about any part of the process, and effectively play my role as a writer. My goal is to develop and execute a creative vision through copy, balancing inspiration with established insights and brand standards. 


Medical writing, travel writing, lifestyle pieces, and copy. 

When you write, you’re inside the project. You can’t really think about the reception. It has to be worth it even if no one reads it.
— Ta-Nehisi Coates

Contact Information:


Phone: 1 (707) 508-5672

Twitter: @SheridanKowta

Insta: @skowta