About Sheridan Kowta

I am an experienced journalist with a demonstrated history of working in the multimedia industry. My passion lies in impact reporting and goal-oriented projects—taking an idea or concept and making it a reality. I continuously develop my skills so as to stay at the forefront of a perpetually evolving media landscape.

I graduated from the University of Oregon with dual degrees in Journalism and International Studies. Through these disciplines, I explored themes of human rights and law, as well as news and editorial.

I am an inspired collaborator and flexible team-member with the experience to pick up and run with just about any part of the process, and effectively play my role as a content producer. My goal is to develop and execute a creative vision, balancing inspiration with established brand standards, and above all, to build a trusting relationship between content creators and its consumers.


Content Management & Strategy, Social Media, Writing, and Copy Editing.

Content Specific: breaking news, feature, profile, medical, and travel writing.

You are validating someone’s life by telling their story. Even if it’s a sad one.
— Alex Tizon

Contact Information


Phone: 1 (707) 508-5672

LinkedIn: in/sheridankowta

Twitter: @sheridankowta